Postgraduate Research Scholarships

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Postgraduate students receiving scholarships should keep their personal details and milestones up to date, and can check their payslips online.

Changing your address and other personal details

You should always ensure your personal contact details are up to date. Log on to studentConnect and follow the instructions.

You should also ensure your details are correct on the University payroll system, as outlined below.

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How to view your payslip

Most scholarship holders at the University are required to access payslips via the Web. Payslips will be available via the Employee Self Service (ESS) gateway page, every Thursday morning before payday.

Check what you need in order to use the ESS.

To view your payslip

  • Go to the ESS gateway page
  • Click on 'Log on to the ESS'
  • Type in your 8 digit staff ID in the Web user Id box and your password in password box
  • Once you have successfully logged in to the ESS, click on 'View Paylips' and choose the pay period you are interested in by clicking on the corresponding 'Period End' date.

Your staff ID number can be obtained by emailing Human Resources:

Arts, Business, Law and Education: SDC (Human Resources) - [email protected] 

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences: SDC (Human Resources) - [email protected] 

Health and Medical Sciences: SDC (Human Resources) - [email protected] 

Science: SDC (Human Resources) - [email protected]  

Your initial password is based on your date of birth using the format ddmmyy (for example, if you were born on 9 July 1965 your password will be 090765). Note it is a 6 digit number, padded with zeros where applicable. When you have successfully accessed the ESS for the first time, you will be forced to change your password.

Please Note: You can update your bank account and personal details through  ESS. Changes will be updated nightly.

there is a help site for further assistance, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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Sick leave and other leave entitlements

Most scholarships have provisions for sick leave and recreational leave. You should check the conditions of your award.

Note: All forms of leave are generally not approved if you have not submitted your Research Proposal Milestone

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All forms to do with candidature and your scholarships are available on the Graduate Research School website.

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Funding of your scholarship may be stopped if your milestones, are not up to date. Check the Graduate Research School website.