Scholarships committee appeals procedure

There is a process for dealing with appeals against decisions of the Scholarships Committee.

  1. An applicant may appeal against a decision by the Scholarships Committee, but only on the grounds that the Committee's procedures for the assessment of the application have not been observed. Appeals based on any other grounds, including the quality of the application or the academic record of the applicant, will not be considered.
  2. An applicant wishing to lodge an appeal must write to the Dean of the Graduate Research School within fourteen days of receiving notification of the decision upon which the appeal is based, giving full details of why proper procedures are considered not to have been observed.
  3. Preliminary consideration of the appeal shall be given by the Dean of the Graduate Research School, who may consult others, including the applicant, if deemed necessary.
  4. In the event of the matter not being resolved to the satisfaction of the appellant and the Dean of the Graduate Research School within fourteen days, the Dean of the Graduate Research School shall refer the appeal to the Registrar, together with a written statement outlining the Dean of the Graduate Research School's views on the matter.
  5. The Registrar shall then refer the applicant's appeal to a Review Panel comprising the following persons:
    • the Registrar, or nominee, as Convenor
    • the Chair of the Academic Board, or nominee
    • a former member of the Scholarships Committee.
  6. If the Review Panel finds evidence that due process has not been observed in reaching the original decision, it shall direct that the application be reappraised.
  7. The decision of the Review Panel shall be binding on all parties.