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Kelp forests and blue carbon
A PhD project is available to undertake research on the flux and fate of kelp detritus in the context of globally changing kelp forests. Understanding the ways in which organic carbon is produced, transformed and transported to be consumed or sequestered is critical as we scramble to understand and increase carbon sinks. Kelp forests may contribute substantially to the amount of carbon sequestered globally. The importance of this blue carbon is however contentious and the current inability to account for the fate of the large flux of carbon from coastal habitats has been identified as a major unknown in the global carbon budget. The project will involve field research, and can develop along three lines: 1) quantifying the flux of kelp carbon to offshore habitats, 2) measuring turnover rates of carbon in nearshore habitats, and 3) investigating the impacts of climate on altering standing kelp-carbon stocks. This project will be co-supervised by Dr Karen Filbee-Dexter (UWA).
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