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Novel solutions to combat loss of marine forests and turf expansion
Pervasive habitat deterioration and destruction presents one of the biggest threats to species and global ecological function. There has been an accelerating loss kelp forests globally, and an associated rise and persistence of degraded seascapes of sediment-laden algal turfs. This PhD project will explore possible solutions to promote recovery of degraded marine forests. The PhD candidate can develop their research using a suite of different tools and approaches, including field experiments, novel restoration techniques, and cutting-edge genomic analyses targeting strong genotypes. The project is part of a research initiative funded by the Australian Research Council, with the broader goal to develop innovative intervention-based solutions to boost resistance or restore threatened kelp forests. This is a collaboration between UWA and the NSW Department of Primary Industries and will be co-supervised by Dr Melinda Coleman (NSW DPI) and Dr Karen Filbee-Dexter (UWA)
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Fortnightly Stipend
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Per annum
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Academic Achievement
  • Must be present in Perth to take up scholarship at the commencement date
  • Experience with field-based research and scuba activities are required. Some time spent away on field trips and research visits must be anticipated
We reserve the right not to make an appointment if no candidate meets our criteria
Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, International
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Marine Sciences
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