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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Top Up Scholarship In their PhD, the candidate will work on a specified project in which they will develop techniques to defend computer vision AI systems against adversarial attacks. The candidate will perform fundamental research on the topic under the supervision of ... $15000 Per annum
Condition Monitoring and Control of Key Devices in Mine Site Microgrids To effectively reduce carbon emissions in the mining sector, islanded microgrids that integrate local renewable generation units, energy storage and loads become increasingly popular for remote mine sites. To ensure excellent dynamic performance and ... $30000 Per annum
Consultant pharmacists - does accreditation make a difference? In Australia, Home Medicines Reviews can only be performed by consultant pharmacists. The process of becoming a consultant pharmacist requires accreditation by an approved professional pharmacy organisation (currently ... $30000 Per annum
Convocation Postgraduate Research Travel Award [F51251] Members of Convocation, the UWA Graduates Association, provided an initial donation of $16,750 to establish a travel award to mark the 75th anniversary of the University. Since then further donations from members of Convocation and funding from the University ... Please see conditions Grant
Coronary Physiology Research Scholarship

Fulltime research position focusing on novel clinical research within the cardiology department at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), towards obtainment of research Masters (2yrs) or PhD (3yrs) ...

$60000 Per annum
Craig Atkins Travel Award in Botany F19/1160

Professor Craig Atkins has made available funds to establish the Craig Atkins Travel Award in Botany

$1500 Grant
Cranmore Fund [F51255] The Cranmore Fund was established by an initial gift of $20,000 by Dr Richard Bruce Lefroy and a subsequent gift of $1000, in terms of a Deed of Trust under which scholarships (called Cranmore Scholarships), grants-in-aid and travel grants may be awarded ... Please see conditions Grant
Cystic Fibrosis WA PhD Top-up Scholarship

Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia is offering a limited number of PhD top-up scholarships to encourage and support PhD students here in WA who are undertaking research in areas related to cystic fibrosis. The scholarships are available to all PhD ...

$12500 Per annum
Dan David Prize Scholarships (includes PhD or Postdoctoral level) The Dan David Prize is a joint international enterprise endowed by the Dan David Foundation and headquatered at Tel Aviv University. Ten percent of the prize is donated by the laureates as scholarships to outstanding young researchers, ... $15000 Prize
Data61 PhD Scholarships

To create a better world for future generations, CSIROs Data61 impart a calibre and depth of research that impacts a wide range of industries. From smart cities, data-driven health & social services, to digital economy, safety & security ...

$10000 Per annum