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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Scholarships This scholarship is available to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research candidates who are interested in pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy or other Higher Degree by Research at UWA. It provides a stipend scholarship ... $40000 Per annum
Ammonia recovery from wastewater: a source of green energy PhD Scholarship This PhD project aims at establishing a sustainable NH3/H2 energy industry that is based on circular economy principles. To this end, it is proposed to explore the feasibility of recovering ammonia from wastewater using bipolar membrane electrodialysis ... $30000 Per annum
Australian Government Domestic Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarships

These scholarships are funded by the Australian Government and are tenable at The University of Western Australia for up to two years for Masters by research candidates and three years for Doctoral candidates. PhD scholarships may be extended to a ...

$30000 Per annum
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Top Up Scholarship In their PhD, the candidate will work on a specified project in which they will develop techniques to defend computer vision AI systems against adversarial attacks. The candidate will perform fundamental research on the topic under the supervision of ... $15000 Per annum
Coronary Physiology Research Scholarship

Fulltime research position focusing on novel clinical research within the cardiology department at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), towards obtainment of research Masters (2yrs) or PhD (3yrs) ...

$60000 Per annum
Designing and evaluating a digital health anxiety intervention for young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed in 1-2% of children, with mental health conditions frequently co-occurring. The majority will experience debilitating ...

$30000 Per annum
Economic Aggregation of Microgrid Assets PhD Scholarship

In recent years, microgrids become increasingly popular due to its excellent capacity of integrating local renewable generation units, energy storage and electronic loads. ...

$30000 Per annum
Electromagnetic interference shielding of composite coatings The project will lead to clarification of the relationships between coating formulation, synthetic approach, nanocomposite structure, and EMI shielding properties for the design of advanced ... $30000 Per annum
First Nations PhD Scholarships: ARC DECRA Fellowship - The Australian Preventive Justice Project

Two PhD Scholarships are available for First Nations students on the ARC DECRA project, 'The Australian Preventive Justice Project'.

$40000 Per annum
Forrest Research Foundation Scholarships F70996

The Forrest Research Foundation of The University of Western Australia was established in 2014 following the donation of $65 million, over 10 years, by Andrew and Nicola Forrest, through the Minderoo Foundation as Trustee of the Forrest Family Foundation. ...

$51640 Per annum