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Improved wastewater pre-treatment for enhanced recovery of green ammonia PhD Scholarship NH3 has recently been identified as a suitable energy carrier and as an alternative to carbon-based fuels such as oil and natural gas, because it is carbon-free and the storage and transportation systems are already established. Bipolar membrane electrodialysis ... $35000 Per annum
Innovating the growth of table grapes in tropical environments Table grapes are the most valuable fruit crop worldwide and have emerged as a model scientific crop for studying climate change effects on growth and sustainable production. Presently, growth in tropical and subtropical climates is incredibly challenging; ... $35000 Per annum
PhD Scholarships in single cell and spatial -omics

The Western Australian cancer single cell consortium ( is a multidisciplinary team of genomic scientists, computational biologists, surgeons, oncologists, ...

$35000 Per annum
Synthesis of Hemilabile Iron Complexes and their Application in C,C Cross-Couling Reactions Carbon-Carbon bond forming reactions are essential to the production of pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and advanced materials that underpin societal and industrial needs. However, these reactions are catalysed by ... $35000 Per annum
The Feasibility of Implementing Antibiotic Allergy Testing in the Community t is known that over 90% of existing antibiotic allergy labels are false however effective and permanent revision of unverified labels within the hospital system is challenging.This project translates learnings from current, relevant ... Please see conditions Per annum
The Role of Neutrophils in Transplantation Neutrophils and their associated mechanisms play a key role in transplant rejection as primary drivers of inflammation. However, they are also important for immunity against pathogens and wound healing. The transplant laboratory led by Dr Michaela ... $85000 Per annum
The gig work experience of international students in Australia

This ...

$35000 Per annum
The impact of digital health advancements on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in regional WA. The digital platforms and devices being currently used by the WACHS Command Centre to deliver virtual care to regional WA, have not been formally evaluated against previous delivery models and newer technologies.This study will ... $85000 Per annum
UWA Global Sporting Excellence Scholarship [F19/1972] The University of Western Australia (the University) provides a fee discount scholarship to encourage and assist international students who are high-achieving athletes, coaches and officials to commence and pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate ... Please see conditions Per annum