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(GRDC) Research Scholarships

The GRDC is focused on delivering value to Australian grain growers. To achieve this, the GRDC seeks to build research capacity through the GRDC Research Scholarships for post-graduate study.

The GRDC Research Scholarships (GRS) are available ...

$20311 Per annum
AINSE Postgraduate Research Awards

Post-graduate Research Awards (PGRA) are offered by AINSE Limited (the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering) for suitably qualified persons wishing to undertake studies in AINSE's fields of interest for a higher degree at an AINSE ...

$7500 Per annum
AINSE Research Awards

The Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE) is an integral organisation for enhancing Australias capability in nuclear science and engineering by facilitating world-class research and education. AINSE offers a range of programs ...

$7500 Per annum
ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Personalised Therapeutics Technologies - Bioengineering of natural scaffold for skeletal tissue regeneration Collagens are naturally-derived polymers. As collagen genes are well preserved through evolution, use of collagen from non human species for medical implant has the advantage of biocompatibility. The objective of this project is to search for ideal ... $31828 Per annum
ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Transforming Maintenance through Data Science PhD Scholarships

The Industrial Transformation Training Centre aims to transform the maintenance management process, enabling Australian companies to lead the way maintenance is conducted, increasing both productivity and profitability through the automation of the ...

$30000 Per annum
Abbie Basson Sarcoma Research Scholarship

The Abbie Basson Sarcoma Research Scholarship is offered annually in memory of Abbie Basson. Before her life was tragically cut short by Ewing's Sarcoma at the young age of 20, Abbie planned to fund research into the uncommon and aggressive tumour ...

$10000 Per annum
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander $3000 Sponsorship Award is a leading Australian supplier of Promotional Merchandise. We invite applications from people of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background for our new annual sponsorship award.

$3000 Award
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Scholarships This scholarship is available to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research candidates who are interested in pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy or other Higher Degree by Research at UWA. It provides a stipend scholarship ... $40000 Per annum
Ada Jackson Irwin Street Commemoration Award in Zoology [F51189]

Mrs Ada Fawcett (nee Jackson) donated the sum of $2000 to the University of Western Australia ('the University') to establish a fund to assist female students in zoology undertaking research into the fauna of Western Australia

$2000 Award
Advanced Measurement of Ortho-Para Conversion and Boil-Off Gas in Liquid Hydrogen Current hydrogen liquefaction technologies are limited by many interconnected and related challenges, including ortho-para (O-P) hydrogen conversion and boil-off gas handling. This research mimicked the conditions of hydrogen liquefaction and LH2 ... $30000 Per annum