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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
Telethon Kids Institute and School of Paediatrics and Child Health Vacation Scholarships

Vacation scholarships are open to all Western Australian-based tertiary students interested in research and child health. These scholarships enable students to carry out a short summer research project within the Telethon Kids Institute and the UWA ...

$1200 Grant
The African Diaspora and Pentecostalism in Australia PhD Scholarship

This scholarship is part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project: The African Diaspora and Pentecostalism in Australia.

This ...

$30000 Per annum
The Australia Day Foundation UK Trust Year III Grants The Trust offers financial support to young Australians who would like to further their education or careerin the United Kingdom in their field of endeavour, education, business, sport, arts and culture and the professions. Please see conditions Grant
The Bailiwick Legal Award in Agricultural Science [F17/1924] Bailiwick Legal has donated funds to The University of Western Australia to provide a scholarship to encourage and assist a student studying a major in Agricultural Science to broaden their knowledge of law practices in Australia.
  • Available ...
$5000 Per annum
The Beverley Gallop Memorial Scholarship [F51215]

Friends and family of Beverley Gallop have donated a sum of money to establish a fund to provide a scholarship in memory of Beverley Gallop, a graduate of The University of Western Australia (the University) who was an artist and supporter of Indigenous ...

$2500 Per annum
The Boston Consulting Group Scholarship The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a gloabal management constulting firm and a leading advisor on business strategy to major corporations, government bodies and not-for-profit organisations. Established in 1963, we have more than 75 offices in over ... $15000 Grant
The Constantine Aspromourgos Memorial Scholarship for Greek Studies The Constantine Aspromourgos Memorial Scholarship for Greek Studies was established in 1994 by Mrs Patricia Aspromourgos in memory of her husband Constantine Aspromourgos. $4000 Grant
The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship The Crown Princess Mary Scholarships are part of the University of Copenhagen's wedding gift to the Crown Prince Couple.  Each year, the University of Copenhagen invites the Australian exchange partner Universities to nominate a student for the ... $1600 Grant
The Douglas Peter Swift Scholarship

The scholarship is generously offered by the Swift family in loving memory of Douglas Swift (13 April 1962 18 April 2015) to support PhD students at UWA researching mesothelioma. It comprises $15,000 per annum top up scholarship with $10,000 per ...

$25000 Per annum
The Ernest Hodgkin Trust Research Scholarship

The Ernest Hodgkin Trust for Estuary Education and Research has donated funds to The University of Western Australia ('the University') to provide scholarships to assist Higher Degree by Research ('HDR') student undertaking research into the estuaries ...

$5000 Award