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Australian European University Institute Fellowships Association Inc


Australian European University Institute Fellowships Association Inc (AEUIFAI).

The Fellowships are available to researchers currently undertaking research in history, law, economics, and social and political sciences who are able to identify a direct benefit for their research from a period of residence at the EUI. The Postgraduate applicants must be at an advanced stage of their research, and the Postdoctoral Fellowship is available to those who have graduated with a PhD qualification within the last five years. The Visiting Scholar Fellowship will be awarded to an established scholar who can demonstrate that a one-month sojourn at the EUI would be beneficial both to the applicant's research and to the EUI.

Applications are now invited for Australian European University Institute Fellowships which provide the opportunity to carry out research at the European University Institute in Florence - the high profile research institute established by the Member States of the founding European Communities in 1972. A six-month Postdoctoral Fellowship will be offered for the period January-June 2017. One three-month Postgraduate Fellowship will be offered for the period September-December 2016. In addition, one fellowship will be offered for a Visiting Scholar from an Australian university for one month during the period January-June 2017.

Payment type
Tuition fees and stipend
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One off payment in total
Basis of award
All applications and letters of support are to be emailed to by 15 March 2016. Please stipulate in the subject line of the email your 'surname', and whether your application is an `AEUIFAI Postdoctoral Application' or an `AEUIFAI Postgraduate Application' or a `Visiting Scholar Application', e.g. 'Smith-Postgraduate-Application'. There is no special application form. Applications must include:
  • a CV;
  • a description (no more than 2000 words) of the applicant's research project (background, approach, methodology, significance), including the relevance of the EUI to the work to be covered during tenure there (please consult the EUI website for research interests of current faculty and related projects);
  • a 50 word abstract summarizing the proposal and its significance;
  • Postdoctoral applicants must include plans to publish in a peer reviewed journal as a result of the period of residence at the EUI. The successful applicant should also be prepared to present a public lecture towards the end of their tenure (to be held at Monash Prato) or at their home institution after their return to Australia.
  • Postgraduate applicants must include a complete academic transcript.
Two confidential letters of support (including one from the thesis supervisor in the case of postgraduates) are to be sent directly by separate email cover (with subject line stipulating category of award and applicant's surname, e.g. 'Smith-Postgraduate-Reference'). Please note: these confidential letters of support must not be sent by the applicants.
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Law, Economics, History, Social Sciences, Political Science
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