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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
Clough Scholars Program Scholarship (Master of Professional Engineering) [F51246]

The Clough Scholars Program is funded by Clough Limited and provides scholarships at The University of Western Australia ('the University') to encourage and support high achieving students commencing the degree of Master of Professional Engineering.

$15000 Per annum
Hatch Indigenous Scholarship for Postgraduate Coursework [F51309]

Hatch, a company supplying engineering, project and construction management services, process and business consulting and operational services to mining, metallurgical, energy and infrastructure industries, donates funds annually to provide a scholarship ...

$15000 Per annum
North West Shelf Venture Scholarship Gas Processing (Master of Professional Engineering) F51380

The LNG 12 Conference Committee has donated the sum of $450,000 to The University of Western Australia to establish a fund to provide scholarships in Oil and Gas Process Engineering.

The purpose of the scholarship ...

$8000 Per annum
Othman Frank Blakey Scholarship in Civil & Resource Engineering [F51382] Mr Ralph Edward Pennington having bequeathed the sum of $80,000 to establish a fund to provide a scholarship to aid students in their engineering thesis in honour of the late Professor Othman Frank Blakey.  The purpose of the scholarship is to aid ... $5500 Per annum
Rio Tinto Talent Scholarship [F17/3606] Rio Tinto has donated funds to The University of Western Australia ('the University') to encourage and assist high-achieving postgraduate students to commence and pursue a Master of Professional Engineering, Master of Data Science, Master of Hydrogeology ... $10000 Per annum