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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
$25,000 Engineering Scholarship F17/2155 The University provides up to 150 scholarships each year to encourage high-achieving students to undertake a major in Engineering Science, and subsequently the Master of Professional Engineering (MPE), at the University by accepting the offer of an Engineering ... $5000 Per annum
Adore Beauty Women in Tech Scholarship Adore Beauty is now Australia's leading online shopping destination for skin care, hair care and makeup, with over 165 brands (such as Kryolan, BECCA, evo, O&M and Alpha-H) and 10,000-plus beauty care products. Adore is also rapidly expanding; we ... $2000 Grant
Alex and Norma Matheson Doctor of Clinical Dentistry Travel Scholarship [F79619] The late Norma Matheson bequeathed funds to The University of Western Australia (the University) in memory of her late husband Alex Matheson to establish a scholarship fund to provide travel scholarships to encourage and assist a Doctor of Clinical ... $2000 Grant
Alistair Devlin Memorial Scholarship [F52918]

Family, colleagues and friends of the late Associate Professor Alistair Devlin have donated funds to the Western Australian Dental Foundation (WADF) to honour and acknowledge his passion and lifelong work in paediatric dentistry at The University ...

$4000 Grant
All Saints College Scholarship All Saints College in Western Australia has donated funds to The university of Western Australia to provide a scholarship to encourage and assist high achieving students to pursue a Master of Teaching or Graduate Diploma in Education at the University. ... $5000 Per annum
Anna and Nicoletta Ciffolilli Scholarship for Women in Law [F17/2002] Anna and Nicoletta Ciffolilli have donated funds to The University of Western Australia (the University), to honour their late parents who valued the importance of higher education for women and to provide a scholarship to encourage and assist ... $5000 Per annum
Australia Awards Australia Awards Scholarships are long term development awards administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.They aim to contribute to the long term development needs of Australia's partner countries in line with bilateral and regional ... Please see conditions Per annum
Australia-Korea Foundation Scholarship Program Program Objectives
  • To develop a group of Australian graduates with good understanding of Korean society, politics, economy, culture and the bilateral relationship.
  • To increase Australia's capacity to engage with Korea and to ...
$25000 Grant
Australian Defence Force Sponsored Undergraduate Scheme The ADF Sponsored Undergraduate scheme is available to students who have successfully completed the first year of a relevant degree at any university in Australia. If sponsored, you'll continue to study at your university till the end of your degree. ... Please see conditions Per annum
Australian Development Scholarships

Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) are a bilateral program within the Australian scholarships program.

Australian Development Scholarships are a highly valued form of development cooperation that aims to contribute to the long term development ...

$25000 Per annum