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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
$30,000 PhD Agricultural Scholarship for Development of Northern Australia

The scholarship is part of the Cooperative Research Centre Project on improving pastures to enhance livestock productivity across Northern Australia. While adoption of Stylo legume-based pastures on sandy soils in Northern Australia led to increased ...

$30000 Per annum
Agricultural Scholarship for Understanding P dynamics in soil

The Postgraduate Research scholarship is part of the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) project Increasing profits from N, P and K fertiliser inputs into the evolving cropping sequences in the Western Region. The cost of fertilisers ...

$30000 Per annum
Alexander Juett Fellowship PhD Top-Up Scholarship in Agriculture (F80557)

The Ida Juett bequest was established for the purpose of establishing a research fellowship in memory of her late husband Alexander Juett.  The Alexander Juett Fellowship- PhD Top-Up Scholarship is available to enable graduates of the ...

$15000 Per annum
Charles and Annie Neumann Scholarships in Agriculture [F53120]

The late Frieda Grace Marie Neumann bequeathed the residue of her estate to establish and maintain a postgraduate award or awards in agriculture, to enable graduates of the Faculty of Science at The University of Western Australia to engage upon research ...

$15000 Per annum
Domestic Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarships

The University of Western Australia has a range of postgraduate research scholarships available for domestic students.

These scholarships are funded by the Australian Government and are tenable at The University of Western Australia for up ...

$27082 Per annum
Enhancing adaptive potential and genetic gain in chia and quinoa PhD Scholarship

 Chia and quinoa are superfood species that have an emerging role as break crops within cotton rotations in Northern Australian agriculture regions.This project, supported by Northern Australia Crop Research Alliance Pty Ltd (NACRA), UWA ...

$30000 Per annum
Establishment Allowances for Interstate Applicants

Establishment Allowances may be awarded to eligible applicants for Research Training Program (RTP) Stipends or University Postgraduate Awards.

$2000 One off payment in total
Indigenous Postgraduate Research Top-Up Scholarships Indigenous Postgraduate Research Top-up scholarships valued at $10,000 per annum, are awarded to all indigenous applicants who are awarded either a Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship or a University Postgraduate Award. 

$10000 Per annum
Industrial Transformation Training Centre PhD Scholarship

One scholarship is available for a student to carry out one of two possible projects:

Project 1. 3D bioprinting muscle-tendon units. Tissue in the musculoskeletal system comprises several different types with different stiffness, ...

$29000 Per annum
John Clauscen Murray Postgraduate Scholarship in Bowel Cancer Research [F51344] John Clauscen Murray has bequeathed a sum of money to The University of Western Australia ('the University') to provide a supplementary scholarship for the purposes of bowel cancer research. The scholarship, which is to be held in conjunction ... $7000 Per annum