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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
National Library of Australia Summer Scholarships

These scholarships, funded through philanthropy, directly support postgraduate researchers (aged 30 and under) requiring special access to the Librarys rich and diverse collections for their research. These fund travel, accommodation ...

$600 Per fortnight
Nectar Production and Quality for Honey Bee Products

We have an exciting opportunity and a PhD scholarship for pioneering research into nectar production in Western Australian native plant species.

The Australian Research Council recently awarded funding for the Cooperative ...

$30746 Per annum
Nectar production ecophysiology PhD Scholarship

This PhD scholarship is for an exciting opportunity to do pioneering research into nectar production of Western Australian native plant species. The project sits within the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products (, ...

$30000 Per annum
Neurodevelopment in ventilated preturn lamb treated with dexamethasone PhD Scholarship A PhD scholarship is available to undertake research on the impact of dexamethosone treatment on brain neurodevelopment of the system involved in novelty seeking, memory and brain plasticity. The candidate will be based in the School of Animal Biology ... $26288 Per annum
New Colombo Plan Scholarships Please see conditions Not Set
Noel and Zoe Hassell Botany Fund [F51379] Mr Cleve Hassell having donated an initial sum of money, with the intention of augmenting it at intervals, for the purpose of establishing a fund in honour of his parents, Noel and Zoe Hassell, to support the study of botany. Please see conditions Grant
North West Shelf Venture Scholarship Gas Processing (Master of Professional Engineering) F51380

The LNG 12 Conference Committee has donated the sum of $450,000 to The University of Western Australia to establish a fund to provide scholarships in Oil and Gas Process Engineering.

The purpose of the scholarship ...

$8000 Per annum
Northam Women in Business Bursary The Northam Women in Business Bursary is a one-off payment awarded annual to a successful female applicant who demonstrates a desire, ability and readiness to embark upon a business career or venture, or vocation, with the ultimate aim of achieving self-employment. $5000 One off payment in total
Norwegian Geotechnical Institute Scholarship in Civil Engineering [F17/4048] Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, an internationally sought after and renowned geotechnical consultancy, has donated funds to The University of Western Australia (the University) to provide a scholarship to encourage and assist an eligible high ... $5000 Per annum
Odyssey Travel Equity and Merit Scholarship

Odyssey Travel has been committed to providing financial scholarships to tertiary students with academic merit whose financial situation makes it difficult for them to continue their studies.

Odyssey Travel is a not for profit organisation ...

$10000 Per annum