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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
Eric Singleton Wetland Research Scholarship

Constructed wetlands are an established and well understood treatment measure internationally and in eastern Australia (and are becoming more so on the Swan Coastal Plain (SCP)). Few SCP wetlands have however been routinely and rigorously monitored ...

$30000 Per annum
Ertech Master of Professional Engineering Scholarship

Ertech Holdings Pty Ltd has donated funds to The University of Western Australia to provide a scholarship to assist and encourage a high-achieving student to pursue a Master of Professional Engineering specialising in Civil or Environmental Engineering ...

$10000 Per annum
Essayontime Scholarship

Essayontime is providing an opportunity to win $1000US intended for educational purposes and make your academic endeavors slightly easier.

$1000 One off payment in total
Establishment Allowances for Interstate Applicants

Establishment Allowances may be awarded to eligible applicants for Research Training Program (RTP) Stipends or University Postgraduate Awards.

$2000 One off payment in total
European Molecular Biology Laboratory Australia Travel Grants Life science students enrolled at Australian Universities can now undertake training at the prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) with the support of the EMBL Australia Travel Grant Program. EMBL Australia will financially ... $7500 Grant
Eva K A Nelson MD Scholarship [F51283] The late Dr W. A. Nelson having left to the University his residuary estate for the establishment of a scholarship or scholarships for the most deserving medical student or students graduating from this University and showing special knowledge in medicine ... $10000 Per annum
Eveline Rosina Henty Scholarship F51284 The late Eveline Rosina Glyde having left to The University of Western Australia the balance of the residuary trust fund created by her will to use the income from it to establish and maintain scholarships for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait ... $5000 Per annum
Experimental Analysis and Simulation of LNG Boil-off-Gas PhD Scholarship $30000 Per annum
F A Hadley Travelling Scholarships [F51285] The late Mr Frederick Augustus Hadley having left to the University his residuary estate to be used by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences preferentially for the establishment of a postgraduate travelling scholarship or scholarships, ... Please see conditions Grant
F. Mosey Travel Scholarship [F79527]

Mr Frederick William Mosey, an Engineer and an Engineering graduate of the University of Western Australia, bequeathed a sum of money to the University in memory of his father Mr F. Mosey, with the purpose of supporting travel and research in Engineering. ...

$3000 Grant