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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
Dr Timothy Steel Medicine Scholarship Please change $4000 One off payment in total
EMBL Australia PhD Travel Grants.

EMBL Australia is keen to support young scientists through their training and into a research career. Through our associate membership of EMBL, we can support students to visit EMBL's facilities in Europe to collaborate with and learn from world-leading ...

$3000 Grant
EMBL PhD Symposium Travel Grants

The symposium is an annual event, organised by first-year PhD students at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany. It brings together fellow students from around the world for a three-day series of talks by leading ...

$2000 Grant
EU - AU Double Degree Program (SCRIBE 21) Scholarship F70609 The Commonwealth Government has provided funds to The University of Western Australia to provide a scholarship to encourage and assist students while undertaking the international study component of the Master of Commerce EU AU Double Degree Program ... $17000 Award
Edith Easthope Scholarship [F51269] Ms Edith Easthope bequeathed funds to The University of Western Australia to establish a scholarship to encourage and assist a high-achieving student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science, completing a major in Natural Resources Management or Agricultural ... $5000 Per annum
Eileen Joyce Music Fund [F51271] A sum of $37,600 having been donated to the University by Dr Eileen Joyce as a fund to assist the development of music in Western Australia, and as a personal contribution to the celebration in 1979 of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the State ... Please see conditions Grant
Eileen and Aubrey Wild Music Research Travel Scholarship F55627

Eileen and Aubrey Wild were the parents of the donor, Dr Stephen Wild, the first higher degree by research (HDR) graduate from the School of Music at The University of Western Australia.

Dr Wild went on to become a researcher in Australian ...

$5000 Grant
Elise and Jack Middleditch Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship [F51274] Helen and Leslie Middleditch have donated funds to The University of Western Australia (the University) in memory of their children Elise and Jack. The supplementary scholarship is provided to encourage and assist an international student in receipt ... $7500 Per annum
Elsie Hope Solly Scholarship in Mathematics Education [F51277] This scholarship aims to encourage and assist students to become secondary mathematics teachers. Available through the Faculty of Education. $1500 Grant
Elsie May Hewson Medical Student Loan Fund [F20124] A sum of money having been bequeathed to The University by Mrs Elsie May Webb (nee Hewson) for the purpose of establishing  a loan fund to assist needy medical students in the third or fourth year of their Doctor of Medicine (MD) course. Please see conditions Per annum