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Scholarship Description Value Value unit
Convocaton, the UWA Graduates Association, Sport Scholarship Convocation, the UWA Graduates Association ('Convocation'), and the UWA Sport and Recreation Association contribute funds annually to provide a scholarship to assist and encourage students who demonstrate academic achievement and sporting excellence. Please see conditions Grant
Country Medical Foundation Scholarship [F51252] The Country Medical Foundation has donated funds to The University of Western Australia to provide scholarships to assist and encourage students who are experiencing financial hardship, and who are from a regional or remote background from Western Australia, ... $5000 Per annum
Craig Atkins Travel Award in Botany F19/1160

Professor Craig Atkins has made available funds to establish the Craig Atkins Travel Award in Botany

$1500 Grant
Cranmore Fund [F51255] The Cranmore Fund was established by an initial gift of $20,000 by Dr Richard Bruce Lefroy and a subsequent gift of $1000, in terms of a Deed of Trust under which scholarships (called Cranmore Scholarships), grants-in-aid and travel grants may be awarded ... Please see conditions Grant
Credit Counsellors Australia Finance Scholarship Credit Counsellors Australia are leading providers of debt assistance in Australia. We strive to facilitate our clients to take control and eliminate unmanageable debt in their lives, through informing and educating them, while leveraging a wide range ... $2000 Award
Crusty Seabeds: from (bio-)genesis to reliable offshore design The aim of this project is to to understand the formation and properties of Australian deep water seabed crusts in order to be able to design and install low-risk seabed infrastructure (e.g. pipelines, risers, shallow foundations, anchors etc.) most ... $30000 Per annum
Cystic Fibrosis WA PhD Top-up Scholarship

Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia is offering a limited number of PhD top-up scholarships to encourage and support PhD students here in WA who are undertaking research in areas related to cystic fibrosis. The scholarships are available to all PhD ...

$11250 Per annum
D.C. Cruickshank Family Scholarship [F51256] Mrs Shirley Cruickshank having donated an initial sum of $21,000 to establish a fund to provide a scholarship for a meritorious young Indigenous woman who is  experiencing financial hardship to encourage her to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree ... Please see conditions Per annum
Dale Cook Scholarship [F51257] Family and Friends of the late Dale Cook have donated funds to The University of Western Australia to establish a fund to provide an annual scholarship, to commemorate her contribution to graduate training at the University, to assist and encourage an ... $1000 One off payment in total
Dan David Prize Scholarships (includes PhD or Postdoctoral level) The Dan David Prize is a joint international enterprise endowed by the Dan David Foundation and headquatered at Tel Aviv University. Ten percent of the prize is donated by the laureates as scholarships to outstanding young researchers, ... $15000 Prize