Rural status

To be eligible for scholarships based on regional or remote status, you need to prove that you lived and went to school in a regional or remote area.

You must have moved from that regional or remote area to study at UWA and to have incurred additional costs as a result of that move.

For scholarship purposes the Coursework Scholarships Office normally defines rural as areas considered inner regional, regional, remote or very remote as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics'. For coursework scholarships not administered by the Coursework Scholarships Office you should contact the administering body of the relevant scholarship to determine whether or not they utilise a different definition.

Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships are governed by legislation, which defines rural as areas considered inner regional, regional, remote or very remote as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Australian Standard Geographical Classification - Remoteness Areas (ASGC-RA) 2006.

Year 11 and 12 at a regional or remote school

You need to have completed Year 12 study within four years of starting tertiary study to meet this criterion. If this is not the case, you should consider whether you meet the criterion below.

Not at regional or remote school in Year 11 and 12

You must supply documents demonstrating that your primary residence was regional or remote for at least three of the four years before beginning tertiary study.

Utility invoices, bank statements or other official documents that show your name and the date are acceptable as you must demonstrate your rural status for each year mentioned in your application. Several documents covering the years will be required.

For students attending boarding school for years 11 and 12, a letter from the school principal confirming this status will be acceptable.


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