Coursework Scholarship Application Opening and Closing Dates

Further Information

Hundreds of scholarships are available throughout the year, from sources inside and outside the University, that may not be covered by the rounds listed here.

These scholarships can be found using the search function of the Scholarships Database.


Key dates for scholarship rounds will be added as they become available.

Please note: The information provided is subject to updates and may change.

  1. Coursework Scholarships

Scholarships for students who are commencing University the following year

UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarship

Who should apply: high achieving Western Australian year 12 students

For application open and close dates see the UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholarship information page.


Future Student Scholarships

Who should apply: students who intend to commence their first degree at University the following year

Open for application: 1st June

Closes for application: 30th November 

Scholarships for undergraduate students who are enrolled or intending to enrol at University

New and Continuing Scholarships Semester 1 or 2

Who should apply:  all students doing an Undergraduate Degree at any level (1st, 2nd or 3rd year)

Open for application: 1st January or 1st June

Closes for application: end of first week of relevant semester 

Scholarships students intending to do Honours the following year including Bachelor of Philosophy Students

Honours Scholarship Round 

Who should apply: all students who intend to do Honours (an extra research year) the following semester including final year BPhil students.  Mid year commencing Honours students can apply in the New and Continuing Semester 2 round of scholarships

Open for application: 1st November

Closes for application: 31st March 

Scholarships for students intending to do a cycle 2 or Master's course the following year.  Mid year commencing Master's students should apply in the New and Continuing Semester 2 round.

Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships 

Who should apply: all students intending to do a Master's course the following year, such as a Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor or Master of Professional Engineering

Open for application: 1st November

Closes for application: early March